How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015


In this method we will use these two popular sites Surveybypass and Howtobypasssurveys to Bypass the online surveys 2015. These site will automatically remove all the scripts of the surveys and help you to get redirected to the orignal content page where you can easily download your desired file.

1) Using SurveyBypass Site:-

Open the website and paste the URL of the page where you are getting the surveys. Now click the Go button . Now this will get your file ready to downlaod and you can easily download that file by bypassing all the surveys.

2) Using HowToBypassSurveys Site:-

In the you will get the Tool To Bypass Online Surveys 2015. This will be of just 1Mb . Download and install it on your Pc and paste the URL of the survey page and you will get your file to download.

#2 Method: USING SURVEY KILLER APP – How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015

Survey Killer is a free utility tool that lets you download or access the required content without filling up the surveys 2015.In this you just need to put the URL in the Link Box and then Click on the Download File Button of the tool . Your file will be downloaded shortly.
PS: It works only on sharecash link. Download Link :- https:

#3 Method : USING BROWSER EXTENSION – How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015

Open your Google Chrome browser and add the extension Bypass Survey.
Now this extension will get added to your Google Chrome browser at the right top corner. Now whenecer it detects the survey page it will automatically all the surveys scripts at the page and you can easily download your file directly without completing any surveys.

How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015 – So above are the best and easy methods to Bypass Online Surveys 2015.These methods will surely help you to bypass these surveys.  By this you can easily access the page where your actual file is located, and can easily download the desired software or file without completing any of the surveys and this will save your lots of time and data.


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