How To Change Your IP Address 2015 in Windows

Method To Change Ip Address In Windows :-

Steps to change ip address in Windows :-

Click on start and then control panel.

Select Network And Internet.

Click on Network and Sharing Centre.

Select Change adapter settings at left side.

Now Right click on the network which you are currently being connected.

Select properties.

Double click on Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6).

Click on Use the following IPv6 address:

Now type any Ip address which you want to set.

Double check the Vlidate button at bottom and then click OK.

Thats it you have changed your ip address. Now your system will have new ip address assignedby you. Now every packets sent to Networking layer will have Ip address which you have changed.You van also revert back the default ip adress by repeating upto 7th step and then clicking Obtain an Ipv6 address automatically and then clicking ok.


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