How to Find Lost Android Mobile 2015

You can find your misplaced mobile or tab.You can erase data in your device from any where

Helps you to trace your lost device.
Lock your device from anywhere.

Steps to Find Lost Android Mobile 2015 :-
First of all, using your android device navigate to security settings > device administrator.
Now tap on it and activate if it is off.

Note: I suggest you to do this step right now because device administrator must be activate to take advantage of Android device manger.

Now go to Google Play Store.
You can find Gear icon at right side top.
Now Click on Gear icon then you can find three options My Order, Settings and then last Android device manager. Just click on Android device manager.
As soon as you click on android device manager it will find the device with which it is associated.
As soon as Android device manger find your device it will show you on Google maps. It will also indicate how far is your distance from you.

You can find three Options:

Ring – If you click on Ring then your device mobile or tab will ring though it is in silent mode.This feature fails when device is switched off.
Lock – If you click on Lock then it will lock your device and you can get new password to access your device.
Erase – If you click on Erase then total memory in that device will be erased automatically.Make sure once you click erase then all the data will be deleted including android device manager so it wont work again.That’s it Guys I am sure this will help you a lot ! So don’t forget to share it.If you have any problem just comment below we will help you out.


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